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Title loans are a sure and fast way to get money quickly as a vehicle owner. While your vehicle is used as collateral, you only have to let go of your car title – just till you pay back – and keep your car. As awesome as this sounds, title loan lenders charge additional fees for loans and unlike most states with laws guiding these fees, Texas has the highest loan fees as title loan lenders exploit the loopholes in the regulations.

Using certain factors, – loan amount, interest rate, repayment term, provisions for renewal or extension, additional fees and customer service – I have compared several title loan companies in Texas and these 5 came out on top. So, if you live in Texas and you’re looking to take out a title loan, you should check out these 5.


  TitleMax is one of the largest vehicle loan companies in the U.S of A. With over 20years experience and at least 1,100 locations across 16 states and cities including Amarillo, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston. TitleMax is a direct lender which allows clients apply online. The whole application process – from start to finish – takes about 30 minutes. They also offer loans on motorcycles. If you have already taken a loan with a different lender, TitleMax may pay off your other loan and get you a competitive interest rate in the process!


Loanstar is a title loan company which operates only in Texas. With over 150 locations in Texas, it is little wonder why they are so popular. The company is known for its transparency amongst tittle loan lenders in Texas. You can apply online and get pre-qualified before going to one of their locations to complete the application process. There are no prepayment penalties, so you can repay your loan even before it is due and make payments whenever you can. If you fail to make a payment before the 10th day after it is due, you need to pay a late fee no greater than 5% of the amount unpaid or $7.50.


 Cash max is one of the well-respected title loan lenders in Texas. They are a direct lender with relatively fewer fees. To apply for a title loan from this company – you can apply online – you need an email address, an active checking account and a steady source of income. Depending on State regulations, you can get up to $6,500. If your payment is due and CashMax cannot withdraw from your account, a $15 returned check fee may be charged.


LoanMax is another direct lender with over 27years experience. The company offers title loans of up to $10,000. Your vehicle, photo ID, income and clear vehicle title are all you need to apply for a title loan. The whole application process usually takes about 20 minutes and depending upon state and county regulations, you are required to pay a lien fee of either $28.00, $33.00 or $55.00. A late fee not to exceed 5% of the unpaid amount or $7.50 is to be paid if you do not make full payment on or before the 10th day after the scheduled repayment date.


 Titlelo offers many money saving benefits that other lenders do not. They collaborate with various direct lenders, which mean fewer fees. Titlelo has positioned themselves in Texas to be a formidable alternative to the traditional brick-and-motor store. You can apply for a title loan online and get an approval within minutes.



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