Five Most effective tools working remotely

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One of the most requests received from business owners is always the advice on how they can managing remote teams productively especially when they are out of office, like tools for working remotely. With current numerous technology options available, it can be rather challenging to know the appropriate and the effective one.

You can start by setting up a traditional sole professional office which you’ve dedicated a space in your home with the PC desktop and multi-purpose wireless printer. With his set up, you can do much traveling but still, remain connected your business and client. You even change the scene especially due to weather changes. Here are other essentials for working remotely.

Gmail or the Outlook

You can choose to be a Gmail die-hard or Microsoft Outlook. However, Gmail is a better option to access your emails especially when you are not in your office. If away, you decide to forward all your emails to Gmail account. Also, find out that this neat tool that syncs your Outlook calendar with Gmail calendar so that you can the latest access to your schedule.

Dropbox for file sharing

For those who haven’t come across this tool yet, actually is a remarkable service for file sharing between the laptop and PC desktop without a hassle of coping from PC to the flash drive, then to the PC desktop. The Dropbox application adds an extra folder to the laptop/PC that simply the files into and you access them from any computer which has installed Dropbox.

TeamViewer Software tool

 With this software, you can access your desktop PC from another computer precisely as if you sat at it. For instance, for you’ve decided to go and sit at your deck so that you can work, you simply take your laptop with u and connect it to your desktop with TeamViewer software. By doing this, you can be in a position to access all your staff as if you sat at your desktop.

Skype video chat

With the Skype app, your office number can be your Skypeing number. It means that you’ve forward that number to your cell phone or you can install Software Skype on your laptop and able to receive/make your calls precisely as if you’ve just sat at your office.

MiFi Mobile router

If you are traveling to an area that doesn’t have a proper internet access, MiFi can be a great help, since it is wireless mobile router provided via a mobile phone carrier that allows internet connection, provided that you are in a place where phone signal can be found.

Therefore, these are available tools for working remotelyto enable a productive and effective remote working. Absolutely, now you can work anywhere perfectly with these tools.


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