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It has become mandatory for all building whether it is newly built, getting sold or rented out, all of them need to have EPC. Whether you are buying a property or renting some space, you need to ask your seller to provide EPC as it is their responsibility to get the EPC ready before selling or renting. The EPC is valid for 10 years and it gives one the idea as to how expensive the property will be to run in terms of electricity bills. Moreover, an Energy Performance Certificate also mentions the measure you should take to make your property energy-efficient.

What Does An EPC Contain?

An EPC for a property is more like an EU Energy Label that you find on an electrical appliance such your TV, Fridge, or Washing machine. AN EPC contains the list of statistics and parameters about the energy efficiency of your property. There are recommendations on how you can improve the energy efficiency and upgrade from your current ranking to above. The rating is based on the energy usage and the carbon dioxide emissions. There are two readings available where the first one states the current efficiency and the second one is the potential future efficiency. For the second one to be successful, you have to follow the recommendations on EPC.

EPC Scale Grade –

EPC contains a grade and it is important to understand the grade to understand the rating. The rating is a measurement of the energy efficiency and it is colored and contains an alphabet. The rating is from A to G. A stands for highly efficient while G stands for the lowest efficiency. Most of the homes need to have D for commercialization. Even if the initial rating grade is not D< one can follow the energy efficiency recommendation to improve and ask to re-inspect for the same.

The Information on Energy Performance Certificate –

Apart from the rating grade, there is plenty of information of the EPC that are worth noting. It contains the estimate of the energy the property consumes or likely to consume. It also states the carbon emission from the building dependent of the appliance available and the habits of the occupants. The fuel cost of the building is also estimated. Furthermore, the energy consultant who performed the assessment, his/her details are available and the details of the person whom to complain if you have any grievance are also listed.


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