The professionals of our cleaning company solve complex problems

The professionals of our cleaning company solve complex problems

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We offer 24/7 services

We are among the best in Rome to clean and sanitize very dirty and messy apartments;

Professional cleaning with 100% quality result;

We operate and resolve any such cleaning situation;

We will gently eliminate the antigenic consequences;

How we operate

Inspection: to assess the degree of dirt and the amount of work. Our specialist sees the apartment and draws up a list of the works, which is agreed with the client;

We work in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. We do not allow ourselves to make ridiculous judgments and comments;

Determine the number of days it takes to complete the job;

We will agree on the start date of the works;

We work in accordance with a detailed list of jobs for cleaning the apartment, garbage disposal, disinfection and odor elimination commercial cleaners office cleaning.

commercial cleaners office cleaningMeans applied

When the boundaries of the unsanitary conditions of the apartment exceed all permissible limits, the situation can only be saved with professional cleaning of the messy apartment. To restore order to a neglected apartment, our cleaning company will carry out a complex of works using modern professional equipment, repeatedly tested certified disinfectants and detergents that do not contain chlorine and acids, harmless to humans and animals. This allows us to complete the job in a few days, on which non-professionals would spend a month. In a short time, the abandoned premises will be transformed into habitable apartments.

It is carried out in several stages:

Disassembly, packaging and waste removal for further disposal.

We save uncovered documents, photographs and other valuables and transfer them to the client;

We eliminate the rough and the dirt, the remains of human and animal life;

We eliminate biological pollution;

We carry out the destruction of insects (insects, beetles, flies, etc.);

We carry out dismantling and disposal of unnecessary furniture and cleaning of the stored.

can rest assured that a trained team of professional cleaners will thoroughly clean a neglected apartment and prepare it for further renovations. Furthermore, our employees are able to:

Keep your mouth closed;

Don’t ask embarrassing questions;

Do not enter into discussions with the host or neighbors.

An office space is the territory in which people work with an eight-hour working day. These include:

production workshops;

warehouse and offices;

exhibition and commercial space.

Any room, regardless of type and purpose, needs regular cleaning, which is necessary not only for a tidy appearance, but also to preserve the health of the people who work there.


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