Hired Director or local Director

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The newly established company from outside the local place will appoint a local or a resident director   in the newly established company the newly appointed director will be hire to act a director on some stipulated pay   this person is also called as nominee director. The nominee director services Singapore or the local director is the term used.

Any Company need Nominee Director:        

The local government where the firm is established have to follow some rules and regulations if the company breaks the rules, then the nominee director services Singapore have to look after the matter of concern and check what kind of offence has occurred mostly the nominee director has role in checking timely whether the taxes are paid on times and breach in the rules and regulations,stealing of money. Normally the nominee director does not have major role in the operational activities of the company.

Any risk in hiring a Nominee Director:

In the laws and regulations of the local government the Director and nominee directors are one and the same. The Director or directors shall supervise the nominee director in function of the local office, all the decision are made by the directors and the implementation will be done by the nominee directors some important matters are also decided by the Directors for smooth running of the office.

The nominee director has to stick to the certain rules and regulation and bonds and he cannot take any decision right away without consultation of the main Directors. The nominee director cannot participate any policy meeting and cannot do any negotiations with regard to the company matters he is just considered as figure head director who can only comply with the local directional requirements of the company.

Risks for Nominee Director:

The most of the risk is taken up by the Nominated Director as if the real Directors break the law the nominated director will have to follow it without questioning and some places the laws are very stringent it can penalize the nominated director and real directors for the wrong decisions.

Term of Service:

The nominated director will be given a stipulated period of time may be one or two years at a stretch and local authorities verification will be done for the nominated director right away to see his or her credentials     before issuing any appointment. The person will be crossed check with history like criminal proceeding, financial irregulars etc.


The acting director is a support to company as the original directors won’t be present in person in the local areas and the acting director has to control, implement and execute all the directions issued by the main directors. Hence it is one kind of responsible position one can get in his or her job profile.


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