Service Award How To Provide One

Service Award: How To Provide One

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A service award generates positive employee feelings. It is a valuable component of a company’s employee recognition efforts. It allows a company to recognize an employee for his or her tenure. There are many ways for a company to give an employee the recognition he or she deserves. A lot of manufacturers now offer custom trophies and awards. It is easy to have a personalized award to celebrate an employee’s efforts.

It is vital to create a positive impact on a company. Increasing employee morale and feelings of appreciation is also a must. A company can achieve this by adequately providing a service award.

Cross-functional team

Set a team of employees to put together a service award program or process. They will know what their co-employees find rewarding and recognizing. Make sure you give the team a budget so they can choose appropriate awards.

custom trophies

Set parameters

The service award should contain a component that lasts over time. It is best to give a plaque or trophy that the employee can look at for years. A monetary gift has little lasting value as a positive employee memory.

Gifts of merchandise can also have little value as a service award once the employee incorporates it into his or her life. A distinction should have something that sets it apart from other things. It should be something that the employee cannot buy from any store. An official company plaque or trophy with the employee’s name will make the award a proud memory.

Award ceremony

Presenting a service award at an all-employee meeting or a special ceremony is excellent. It will enhance and publicize the value of the recognition award. Someone with high rank is an ideal presenter because it will give the awardee a feeling of importance.


Employees who reach a designated tenure should receive the same service award. It should be a consistent employee recognition opportunity that is fair and impartial. It makes the employees more determined to stay in the company for a long time.

Written acknowledgement

Accompany the service award with a written acknowledgement of the employee’s service. Indicate the length of service and thank the employee for his or her service. Provide essential details about why the employee is receiving the award.

Employees want good pay and benefits. But they also wish to have fair treatment and appreciation. Rewards can range from spoken or written thank-you notes to gift certificates and trophies. It depends on the achievement or award. Other companies even provide vacation packages as a reward for their exceptional results. A lot of companies recognize employee’s length-of-service milestones and performances. Modern companies are now starting to focus on other less traditional areas for recognition, too. Any award increases the performance of the team.


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