Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme: What Is It?

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Seed enterprise investment scheme or popularly known as SEIS scheme, provides its investors with a considerable tax-efficient profit after investing in start-ups, which now are at its early stage or is a small one belonging from the United Kingdom. The growth of the economy is boosting up with this scheme. It helps to promote new entrepreneurship and enterprise.

This module is the most popular one designed by the government. The module’s design is getting re-designed, helping in better growth of the companies and the start-up.


The UK government mainly designed the plan to help the new start-ups or companies raise funds. The fund is raised by offering investors who are purchasing further shares in the enterprise by tax relief. You will receive the maximum amount of £150,000 with the help of this investment.

The enterprise or start-ups are instructed to follow specific rules given by the government so that it can raise funds for the venture. The ones investing money will enjoy tax benefits as long as the laws and regulations are maintained. Tax benefits are introverted unless the rules are not retained for a period of three years minimum after the investors have invested in the venture.


A particular company can access the plan if it has:

    • New trade license
    • Traditionally belonging to the United Kingdom
  • After accepting the shares, the companies not allowed to do business on stock exchanges
  • Will only be controlled by another company once it becomes a qualifying subsidiary
  • No company other than the main one is having the power of control from the day the company has started
  • Employees must not be more than 25 in number during the time of issuing the shares

SEIS scheme is the renowned model made to help the start-ups. The country can have better economic growth, and also the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to develop their company efficiently. Both purposes are met with this scheme.

Employment is also generated, and the country also experienced outstanding economic growth with this plan. This is a brilliant decision made by the government, which can help both ways. On the other hand, the government will also add incentives to the investors, with 4% to 5% of the total amount invested. The country is also experiencing the highest rate of employment due to this scheme. All these facilities given by the government make the plan more attractive.


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