How To Protect Your Safety

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We all spend a large part of our time just surfing on the Internet. The conventional ways of keeping your personal information secure no longer hold any meaning because of the ‘Huge’ part of our population moving ‘Online’. Therefore, to be safe on the Internet, every Internet user needs to follow certain protocols. In modern times, nothing is more important to you than the personal information stored on various devices such as your laptop, Smartphone, etc.

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Through this article, we are going to deal with some of the best tips to help you protect your safety while using your PC or browsing on the Internet safely.

Examine the Firewall

Some of you may consider this tip very complex but is not that much complicated. Suppose, you have Windows on your PC, visit the control panel.

Search for “firewall” in the search box. If you find that the “firewall” is “connected”, then it is excellent. On the other hand, if you have a Mac, on the toolbar, select the Apple icon, then visit “system preferences”. After that, go to “security” and finally select “firewall”. If the firewall is “ON” on your PC, then it will help to protect your safety and it will keep the criminals out. Another tip is that, if you don’t want your files or folders to be accessible or visible to any other PC/PC’s, then it is advisable that media, as well as files sharing, should be disabled on your PC.

Keeping a backup of data

In any unfortunate situation such as the crashing of your computer or if there is an electrical breakdown, then you will probably lose your data. But, if you keep a backup of all your data, then it will protect you. In addition to that, it will prevent your delicate personal information or data from being encrypted by new ransomware.

Taking the help of services like ‘Carbonite’ will help you to back-up your data. Suppose, if you don’t have a very large amount of data to be stored, then it is better to utilize services like ‘Dropbox’.

Be cautious of spam websites

While using the internet, this is one of the most important tips. You have to be very cautious about rogue websites. Now, understand that detecting a spam website is not as easy and simple as it sometimes seems to be. In the address bar, at the starting of the URL, you will see https://, if you observe a green lock, then your connection to the server or site is encrypted.


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