5 Secure Ways To Keep Your Business Connected

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In the present scenario, it is next to impossible to imagine a business without a network regardless, it is B2C or B2B. Nowadays, the flow of data within the office has become quite common. But, this is where the real problem is, with increasing cyber-attacks and threats and your in-house network is vulnerable.

Then, what are the popular methods of securing your organization’s network, here in the post, we illustrate these:-

Utilize The WPA2

It is highly advisable to have an encrypted protocol for your many business accounts passwords on the router. WPA stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access is the most advanced protocol that ensures complete safety of the passwords. You need to make sure that you have enabled the protocol in the network router.


Another way to stay connected and protected has a Virtual Private Network. VPN is a means of encrypting the Internet connectivity within the organization and transfer of data through the network. Nowadays, the VPN systems come with advanced functionality that it right away disconnect as soon as the protection connection is lost. This, further,stops  data leaks and keeps it safe.

Encrypted Messages

If you want to deter your B2C message not to be hacked anyone, then you will have to invest in an encrypted messenger. There are dedicated IT companies out there offering a tailored solution for encryption messaging to ensure your business is connected, but at the same time, the transfer of data is safe and secure.

Disable The File Sharing Feature

The file-sharing feature must only be allowed on the file servers. If you are letting the file sharing on all devices, those are connected with the company’s Wi-Fi network, and then the files will be checked by everyone easily.

Update The Router Firmware

Your organization has become vulnerable to the attacks of hackers out there, mainly because of the outdated firmware router. It is highly advisable that you must update the router firmware at least once a year. However, the majority of small businesses perceive regular updating their firmware as necessary spending of money; this is why they often overlook it. But, your outdated router can lead to a big problem in the near future, a cyber-attack come your way. So, in a nutshell, updating the router firmware is of significant importance to deter the cyber-attacks by fixing all the existing bugs.

Last on the list, the most important tip to be safe while connected is not to use the network name which is given by the provider. It is because the network name generally has the name of your router, and this makes your network highly vulnerable. Also, you can speak to an IT company to help you out with securing your network.


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