What Healthcare Companies Need from a Managed IT Service Provider

What Healthcare Companies Need from a Managed IT Service Provider

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Healthcare companies are recommended to use the expertise of professionals to handle their IT services. As a business expands, the expenses may get too high as the employees to take on bigger workloads. Some companies are located in high-risk areas where natural disasters occur often. There are number of valid reasons why IT services for healthcare businesses are valuable.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is designed to reduce fraud in the healthcare industry and protect the privacy rights of patients. The Privacy Rule outlines how Protected Health Information (PHI) should be used in medical treatments. Every healthcare organization is required to abide by these rules to avoid getting penalties and lawsuits. A healthcare company needs an IT service provider that provides secure, certified software programs to protect the privacy of patient records and confidential medical documents.


Security issues are common in hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities where information is closely guarded. Nowadays, most facilities store large amounts of information in online databases. Hackers want to steal credit card or Social security numbers for personal gain or steal patients’ records for exploitative reasons.


Recovery and Continuity

Every medical facility needs a recovery and maintenance plan in case of an emergency. A disaster recovery plan is needed if a man-made or natural disaster strikes and erases all or most of the data, including patient records, lab tests, tax documents, etc. This includes a continuity plan to continue the business operations for as long as necessary until the systems are fully recovered.

IT Technology

Today’s healthcare companies invest heavily in computers and technology to manage their information systems. As regular users of IT technology, it’s important that they have connections to reliable managed IT service providers. Their employees and customers will have questions about how to use certain software and need technical assistance. Certain companies need professional expertise to select and implement electronic health record systems.


Maintaining high levels of customer service is another benefit of using the right IT technology service providers. Hospitals that run websites have thousands of clients who visit the site every day. The help of IT experts is needed to reduce downtime, which occurs when pages load too slowly or create error messages. When the websites run smoothly and the communication lines are always open, businesses are better able to retain their customers.


Working with an IT managed service provider results in major savings for its clients. Businesses outsource their services to avoid having to run a more expensive in-house department. Healthcare companies save money when they avoid having to run their own IT department and choose the more affordable solutions.

Information technology is a complex field that is becoming more difficult to master as technology becomes more complex. Outsourcing IT services for healthcare is the best solution to save money, save effort and retain the services of trained, expertise IT professionals. A reliable managed IT service provider is essential to providing services that fit every company’s needs.


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