Important Information on Vacuum Packaging

Important Information on Vacuum Packaging

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They will also affect your life in some way, form or form that you simply do not know. This also means that it does not need to be stored in the refrigerator, which saves transportation costs, which leads to lower food prices for the final consumer.

Vacuum packaging machines for companies

Already not only the main exporters of fruits and vegetables have access to vacuum packaging machines. The recession seems to have plummeted and made them much more affordable for small businesses. The problem is that these companies are not used to taking care of these machines, and if they are not maintained at the proper level, they are much more likely to go wrong. Main areas for monitoring:

Seals: The entire vacuum packaging process depends on the quality of the seals. To create a vacuum, the entire area around the bag must be closed when the machine holds it, after which all air is sucked in. Over time, the seals wear out and as a result cannot create the seal.

Heating strip: The heating strip is usually coated with Teflon, which prevents the strip from sticking to the bag. They usually last several years depending on use, but can be easily replaced by a qualified technician. As soon as the strip begins to stick to the bags, it’s time to replace it.

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Vacuum is a vacuum?

The basic principles of plastic packaging are quite simple. Heated plastic is surrounded by a product or substance, and before it cools and hardens, air is taken from the packaging or container. As a result, when the package is cooled, its shape corresponds to what it contains, and most, if not all of the air in the package has been absorbed.

Gas Outlet – Product Inlet

The air you breathe is actually a combination of several different gases, with oxygen being the most common. Each type of gas has the ability to react with various substances, with oxygen being the most reactive. For example, a steel product will oxidize when exposed to air. When vacuum packaging a steel product during storage on the shelves of the store, oxidation is avoided.

So many products – so many packaging

The same goes for food. Nuts, for example, will depend on oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. Thanks to the vacuum packaging of dried fruits, their freshness and shelf life are significantly increased. In the list of products that protect themselves from ambient air, vacuum packaging is the most common way to protect these products.

Food safety is another thing that vacuum packaging provides to consumers. When you collect a pack of hot dogs and see that the vacuum seal is intact and reliable, you can be sure that it is safe for your family. If vacuum hot dogs are inflated with gas, then you can clearly see that there is an obvious problem.


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