The Eminent Problems Fidentiax Aims To Solve

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Fidentiax is a blockchain-powered ultra-current platform that acts as a digital version of the dormant tradable policies marketplace.  It’s the world’s 1st ever Singapore insurance marketplace that’s run on the fast-growing technology blockchain. It claims to tokenize all the existing policies on the blockchain technology to provide auditable and transparent digital policy versions. Likewise, it offers real-time pricing engine that gives you an accurate quotation based on the value of your tradable policy after you have submitted the relevant documents. The fact that it powered by the blockchain technology means that it offers an immutable and trustless policy trading environment. So, what solutions does Fidentiax offer?

Ready Market For Tradable Policies

Selling insurance policies has been a real hassle over the years. Getting someone to pay for a tradable insurance policy has remained one of the trickiest and almost unattainable things in the world. For the few who were lucky to get someone ready to buy their insurance policies, they ended up getting almost half the value of their policies. Fidentiax aims to provide an internet-based platform where insurance policy sellers can meet with their target clients and agree on the best price. This means Fidentiax does not only bring customers close to you but also provide you an opportunity to dictate the amount you will want to earn from selling your tradable insurance policy.

Huge Choice Of Tradable Policies

Over the years, it has been impossible for those willing to buy an already existing insurance policy to get exactly what they want. This is because insurance companies have been dictating to potential buyers what they can buy with the money they already have. The forthcoming Singapore insurance marketplace aims to provide buyers an opportunity to get what they really want when they decide to add insurance policies to their investment portfolio. They offer a platform where policy sellers can upload their policies for potential buyers to see. As a buyer, you have the chance to compare as many insurance policies as you can before you decide which one to opt for. Therefore, no matter what your investment desires are, you are sure to get the best insurance policy that matches your search criteria.

Store And Track Your Existing Policies

Keeping track of insurance policies has been a common issue among investors over the years.  People with already full investment portfolios and looking for a safe way to track their investments have had to pay people to manage their investments something is both costly and unsafe. The good news is Fidentiax is here to provide a safer and more genuine way for investors to track their insurance policies. They offer an online ledger system where you can upload all the documents of your insurance policies and have them managed and safely stored online. Their blockchain-powered platform is safe and reliable so you don’t need to worry about your information leaking to third parties. As since they only charge a small amount for the insurance tracking services so you don’t need to worry about having to pay extremely high for the same.


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