How Toto Get A Cheap Motor Trade Insurance Policy

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Running a business that involves the sale, use, repair, and auctioning off vehicles requires you to buy a motor trade insurance policy. In fewer words, if you deal with vehicle sales, repairs and valeting or the sale of vehicle bodies, it’s important to insure your business. This type of insurance is available in two forms, the combined motor trade cover and road risk only. No matter the type of policy you decide to buy, here are some things you can do to get cheap motor trade insurance deals.

Agree on Annual Payments

Paying for your insurance policy annually may seem impossible and unrealistic. But in reality, it’s the safest and best way to reduce your insurance premiums. Most insurance companies tend to impose a 10% fee on policyholders who pay on a monthly basis. While it may not be outlined in the terms and conditions, it’s usually a common happening. The best way to go about paying for your insurance annually is to be saving money monthly throughout the year. By so doing, it will be possible for you to pay the huge annual premium amount on time and save considerable amounts of money in the process.

Search Extensively

Shopping around may look an outdated and obvious way of saving money on insurance premiums. Who doesn’t shop anyway? The sad truth, however, is that most people shop around wrongly. Many are those who only settle for the first insurance providers they come across. If you want to save real money by shopping around, it’s highly recommended you spend the time to evaluate and compare renewal prices from different insurance providers. This way, you will be in a position to decide which insurance company offers the best renewal rates.

Increase Your Business Safety

Your insurance premiums are likely to increase if your business premises are at higher risk of getting invaded and your belongings getting stolen. Also, they are likely to increase if the vehicles used are poorly-conditioned and the drivers who drive the vehicles have bad driving records. By tightening the security of your business premise and ensuring all your vehicles are well conditioned, you will give the insurance providers assurance that your business is secure and there are few chances of anything getting stolen or vandalized.

Getting Professional Assistance

The last best way for you to save some considerable amounts on your motor trade insurance policy is to get professional assistance from insurance comparison service providers like  Total Insurance has connections to a board of expert brokers who have experience comparing motor trade insurance in the UK. They have enough experience helping you to find the most competitive insurance providers that offer cheap motor trade insurance policies. All the services offered by Total Insurance are free of charge, and you’re not forced to buy from any of the insurance company recommended to you by us. We have served lots of happy customers and promise to help make your search process simpler and successful since we have all it takes to make that a possibility.


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