OCBC Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard Features And Benefits

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OCBC Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard is a credit card with complimentary life insurance coverage that requires you be a GE policyholder, have at least 21 years of age, and have a yearly earning exceeding RM24, 000. It includes common features like free renewal on cardholders who spend more than RM10, 000 on retail expenditures, 12 months of auto installment payment plan for great Eastern general and life insurance premiums that exceed RM2,200 and awesome live great privileges health and wellness rewards. There are many benefits of getting the Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard.

Get Interest-Free Placement Periods

For all the retail purchases you make, you will get 20 days of free interest shopping.  The 20-day interest-free period will be active after you are billed. You as well enjoy interest-free installment plan when you shop from any of the merchants who are affiliated with OCBC online banking. When spending on retail purchases or online purchases from affiliated online merchants, you need to read and understand the terms and conditions used by OCBC to avoid surprises.

You Enjoy Around-The-Clock Concierge Services

Another benefit of getting the OCBC credit card with complimentary life insurance coverage benefits is that you will qualify for a 24-hour concierge service. This is simply a highly personalized service that is intended to provide solutions all your queries regarding traveling, help you in booking tickets for performances and concerts as well as assist in the reservation of hotels and restaurants.

credit card with complimentary life insurance coverage

Offers Instant Bill Payments

The OCBC Eastern Platinum MasterCard allows you to conveniently pay your service and utility bills automatically. All you need to do that is to link your Eastern Platinum MasterCard with your OCBC credit card and you will be ready to go. All your bills will be deducted from your account instantly on the day of the month you have authorized the payment to be made.

Enjoy Amazing Live Great Privileges

Every Great Eastern insurance policyholder is eligible for a variety of the Live Great Privileges benefits. This includes but not limited to amazing savings and discounts on health and fitness activities from service providers who have partnered with the Live Great Privileges. You also enjoy great perks like wellness programs, events, mobile apps, and workshops.

Enjoy The Lifetime No Annual Fee

The Great Easter Insurance policy also offers a lifetime cover that doesn’t require you to pay annual premiums. This added feature of the OCBC Great Eastern Platinum MasterCard is ideal for anyone who has over 21 years and earns a yearly income of more than RM24, 000. It is, however, a must you be a GE Life insurance policyholder to be eligible for the credit card. The best thing about this policy is that you can issue your loved ones with a supplementary credit card provided they have the required age.


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