Full Control over Fraud Prevention

Full Control over Fraud Prevention

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The Ipsidy Management Platform grants complete control to you, the customer. You can utilize the administrative control features toward creating internal users, display transactions of internal salespersons, track customer transactions they service, plus drill down to the end-consumer transaction level. The Ipsidy Management Platform has strong security tools, product control, reporting as well as an internal provision ticketing system. For more info visit https://www.ipsidy.com/

Agents have the aptitude to accomplish their sales force plus see how their credited clients are performing. Agents are moreover able to show the Platform to prospective clients and review transaction sizes of current clients.

Identity Platform

The Ipsidy Management Platform is the one-stop solution for all your Identity Verification in addition to ID authentication requirements.  Whether you are a retail business, processor/gateway provider, bank, or in the medical otherwise legal businesses, the Ipsidy Management Platform supports your compliance requirements. If you requisite to know your client (KYC) then you need to know Electronic Confirmation Systems.

Electronic Verification Systems (EVS) proffers flexible solutions for confirming the identity of customers in the US plus Canada.  EVS permits clients to prove consumers over identity document proof, customer data verification, otherwise a blend of the two approaches.

Either approach toward verification could be combined by dynamic knowledge-based verification and phone authentication for a complete solution to confirm that a customer is who they claim to be.  Fraud warnings provided by EVS could alert clients toward indicators of potential fraud (e.g. high jeopardy address, fraud alerts, SSN related with a distinct reported as deceased).

With elective watch list screening completely integrated, EVS significantly simplifies know-your-consumer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML), as well as additional regulatory compliance programs.

When used as a portion of a complete identity verification approach, EVS can considerably simplify procedures and reduce prices compared to inexpensive solutions. Click https://www.ipsidy.com/ for more info

Full Control over Fraud Prevention

Verify, Validate, and Screen

Ipsidy provides info regarding a submitted phone number, as well as offers a simple technique of authenticating that a customer has ownership of an identified phone. Ipsidy spontaneously recognizes the kind of phone (mobile, landline, VoiP) founded on the number delivered, provide info concerning the kind of phone line (business or personal), who the phone line is related with, and optionally sends a one-time 6 digit cypher either using SMS otherwise programmatic voice toward the customer’s phone.

Ipsidy is accessible as a standalone solution for verification (one-time or ongoing), or as an incorporated component of Ipsidy Customer.  While used with Ipsidy Customer, the code is sent to a phone that has been confirmed as belonging to the customer, providing a two-factor solution for identity confirmation.  Ipsidy could be utilized in the blend with other components of Ipsidy Consumer, including lively Knowledge-Based Verification as well as Watch List Screening.

Ipsidy Corporate is the faultless solution for the organization interested in promising their business-to-business relations. Whereas Ipsidy Customer focuses on authenticating consumer data, Ipsidy Corporate permits our customers to identify everything from high-risk business addresses to mixed-use assets for business units, all with a solo lookup.


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