How should Accountants choose their Software?

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  • Making Tax Digital

Accountancy has changed and is still evolving due in no small part to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) commitment to Making Tax Digital (MTD): in the not too distant future all tax returns will be completed online.

The development of ‘acceptable’ (to HMRC) tax return software is well afoot. HMRC has initiated a software development community with input from many experts employed within the financial sector.

Any software created must be compliant with the existing HTD guidelines.

So, first and foremost, accountants must ensure that their chosen tax return software is absolutely up to date and compliant with tax office recommendations.

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  • Choosing the right software from the right company

It would be wise to select software produced by a company which is a part of the HMRC’s software development community; this indicates that, more than likely, the company is proactive and able to make software adaptions swiftly as and when they are published.

Furthermore, always visit the company’s website to establish credentials. Establish a these facts before making contact:

  1. Has the software on offer been developed by experienced software designers?
  2. Have savvy tax nous professionals had extensive input in the development?
  3. Is the software HMRC compliant?
  4. Has the company a healthy portfolio of happy clients?

Once you’ve ticked these boxes get in touch with them. First impressions are important, were they polite, informative, helpful and enthusiastic?

Naturally, there’s always the factor of costs to be considered. Here one needs to be guarded. Always establish precisely what you’re getting for your money!

  • Fees and small print

No, doubt you will choose to enter into a contract, probably with ongoing monthly payments.

The first thing to establish is … what’s the ongoing fee and is that likely to inflate in time?

A sharp increase in charges can prove to be a bit of an eye-popper. So, get a clear assurance from the company that fee increases will be capped! In effect a promise not to increase charges above a certain percentage within a stated period of time.

Also, ensure the contract stipulates unlimited ongoing backup and support!

This way you will receive relevant HTD updates, software improvement upgrades and general operational advice.

A company with ethically sound trading policies can best be found through the recommendations of others.

  • BTC Software!A recommendation

BTC produce impeccable accountancy software; software developed by experts and acknowledged as among the best and most efficient on the market.

BTC are frequent supporters of, and contributors to, HMRC’s software development community. Therefore, their software is constantly updated to comply with HMRC guidelines.

BTC are not a huge impersonal company, their business has a family-like and friendly atmosphere whilst retaining exceptionally high standards in service and software creation. You are guaranteed one to one attention from the initial discussions to installation and ongoing support.

BTC are so confident in the quality of their software that you can visit their site now for a FREE fifteen day trial! And that includes all necessary support and advice.

BTC have the software, the service and, importantly, extremely a most reasonable pricing structure.

BTC, the award winning Accountancy Software Company!


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