Insurance for foreign individuals

Insurance for foreign individuals

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Life insurance is financial protection against various events that might occur in a person’s life, such as death, disability, accident, and retirement. People’s lives are vulnerable to the hazards of mortality and impairment due to natural and unnatural causes. When human life is lost, or a person is rendered permanently or temporarily incapacitated, the family loses income.

Because, let’s face it, none of us likes having to think about our death; life insurance is never a pleasant subject of discussion. However, suppose you have any dependents or financial obligations such as a mortgage. In that case, it is an essential must-have, particularly if you are an expatriate living and working in Singapore and have any dependents. At Singapore Expat Advisory, the knowledgeable expat insurance broker can assist you in obtaining all of the coverage you want, including medical, health, travel, repatriation, and, most significantly, life insurance for expats to ensure that you have the protection you require.

Expat Insurance in Singapore: What You Need to Know

Even though human life cannot be valued, a monetary figure might be calculated based on the loss of income in subsequent years. Are you contemplating a relocation to Singapore? This city-state in Southeast Asia continues to be a popular option for expats due to its excellent level of living, efficient public transit system, cleanliness, and overall safety and security.

Expat health insurance is intended for foreigners who are neither Singaporeans nor Permanent Residents, who have migrated from their home countries to work and reside in Singapore while holding a valid visa for the country.

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It is necessary to get life insurance because:

  • In order to guarantee that your immediate family receives some financial assistance in the case of your death, you should make a will.
  • In order to provide for your children’s education and other requirements
  • The ability to create a savings plan for the future to have a reliable source of income after retirement.
  • In order to guarantee that you have additional income if your wages are decreased as a result of a major sickness or accident
  • To account for various financial contingencies as well as personal lifestyle needs


As you prepare to make the life-altering decision of relocating to a foreign nation, you need to have confidence in your health. It would be best to make certain that healthcare services will be conveniently accessible to you and your family without requiring you to spend your last penny. To protect yourself and your family while living in Singapore, it is strongly suggested that you get Singapore expat health insurance.


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