A Guide To Finding IT Jobs In Singapore

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Singapore is a southeast Asian island country that is one of the most developed nations in the world. It is one of the most economically strong nations that have good job opportunities and a great employability rate. This short guide will take you through the steps to help you start your journey to landing IT jobs in Singapore.


Before going through the processes, you have to figure out your eligibility. You have to ensure that you qualify for the required work permits and passes for working in Singapore. Your educational background and work experience will also play a key role in this factor.

Employment Practices

Before making up your mind to work in a specific country or a specific environment, it is better to understand the employment practices in function in that particular place or sector. With a little research, you can find out the median salary, work practices, holidays, etcetera, and all the other work-related information practiced in Singapore.


Networking can come in very handy when trying to land yourself a job in any foreign country. You can connect to the local people by attending webinars and other online conferences. One such website is Startup Grind Singapore. You can also check out Meetup, an online platform that introduces you to various business and career groups located in Singapore.

Online Searching

In a world that runs digitally, finding jobs through online searching is not only the norm but also the best practice. You can find plentiful job opportunities listed online just by searching the internet. Some of the best sites in this regard are Freelance Zone, Jobiness, Monster Singapore, Indeed Singapore, and many others.

Employment Agency

Although you can find almost any job opening online, meeting with an employment agency has its own set of benefits to offer. Not only can they fetch you a job that you want to do, but they can also help you prepare for the same, make a good CV, get yourself interview-prepared. Some agencies to look out for are Aegis, Career Hub Consultants, Randstad, etcetera.

Finding IT jobs in Singapore or any other country might seem a little difficult in the beginning; the thought of moving to a nation you have not grown up in might be a little daunting too. But, it is an enriching experience to try out, especially if it’s a country like Singapore known for its warm and welcoming climate and good working atmosphere.


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