Surviving your life with insurances

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Now a day’s people are falling under number of accident cases. Some people may survive but some may not. Moreover family of the accident person will suffer a lot further. To get rid of this issue, people are adopting insurance plans predominantly. So, here you need to concentrate on accident insurance coverage plans. Majorly it is offered by many insurance companies in the form of personal accident cover hong kong and like that.

Just go through this kind of insurance policy in detail;

This policy covers unfortunate deaths of the particular insurance policy holder on the cause of accident case. Here the insurance policy holder will put that policy on his/ her nominee name. So, if unexpectedly insurance policy holder is dead under accident case, the nominee will be handover with his insurance amount.  Some kind of policies also offers the coverage on hospitalization cost of the insurance policy holder if caused due to accident. Apart of some insurance policies like critical illness protection plan have also been offered. This plan is also the best plan where the insurance policy holder gets the claim including the hospitalization cost as well.

The insurance policy holder those who adopt this accident coverage insurance policy, if he is affected with burns on his body due to unfortunate fire then the treatment cost is claimed by this insurance policy only.

critical illness protection

Let’s know about how this accident insurance plan works out in terms of coverage;

  • Initially accident death cover is handed over to your nominee where you insured the entire sum on the insurance coverage you made. Moreover let your nominee or family know about the complete details of your insurance policies whatever you take up. It may be accident insurance policy as well. Otherwise they will not know about anything after your death in case. In fact, it is paining moment to your family, but insurance policies will help your family with the entire sum you made to claim on them.
  • Apart of it, this insurance cover also claim some specific benefit to the insurance policy holder when he got partially disabled like limbs and hands got paralyzed like that and if it is due to some unfortunate accident. In this scenario, your hospitalization, treatment costs will be insured by the company only.
  • You can also apply coverage on accident insurances plans through online as well. Some insurance companies are providing this feature.

Hence many insurance companies work to serve their customers in all the aspects whenever needed.


The only benefit of taking insurance policies whether it is accident coverage insurance policy or any, you can enjoy tax benefits.  Even though it is difficult to claim the benefits of your tax you consumed on this insurance and sometimes it becomes complicated too. So, better take the advice of professional chartered accountant. Moreover choosing the right insurance company with numerous benefits is extremely important.


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