Understand the Right Tax Rate

Understand the Right Tax Rate

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Firstly, it is justified to set the tax rate on income in excess of normal income or at least close to the upper marginal tax rates on income. If business carried out in the form of a public limited company, this rule must apply to corporation tax and the total tax rate on the distributed profit formed by the dividend tax together. If the tax degree is lower than the income tax rate, this creates an incentive for wage income to profits and dividends. This can have significant tax revenues welfare effects. Especially if it leads to large-scale work input incorporation of activities based on business and raising income less than wages as taxable capital gains.

The Other Rates

Second, the normal rate of return should be linked to the market rate and should correspond to the level of return of the low-risk alternative investment. By doing so the system achieves quite well the goals of being neutral. Higher return cent encourages inefficient investors. Unlike often in the public argues, the high percentage does not target incentives to risky ones investment, but also supports low-risk investment and can blur the risk of cinema incentives badly. In Finland, the rate of return is 9%, which is clearly higher than the market rate. For the estimated business tax you need to calculate there with the tax calculator.

The Reduced Taxation Options

Third, reduced taxation gives rise to a higher level of normal income border. In the case of a limited liability company, this threshold encourages annual distribution in the form of dividends at least equal to the normal return, whether or not the company has financing needs for new investments. The effect causes welfare losses. They can be avoided by allowing unused tax relief transfer for use in later years. The normal return model Norway and Sweden have implemented portability. In Finland, there is no possibility.

  • Limited companies, cooperatives and other entities pay corporate tax on their profits. Dividends distributed by them and capital gains from the sale of shares others are also subject to personal income tax. The Communities’ profits are taxed thus twice, first as income for the company and then as owner. Business also carried out in forms of corporation which are not subject to corporation tax. For example the profits of public limited companies and limited partnerships are taxed directly by the owner’s income. One of the challenges in developing corporate tax is how to create which treats the choice of company form in a neutral manner and does not distort incentives for communities to invest and finance their activities.


There are a wide variety of companies paying corporate tax, consultancy-based from a one-man company to an international group with global business activities. Rapid growth of capital movements and international companies the growing importance of application of this Regulation. These include how to determine each country’s share profits of a global company and how to prevent tax planning in which profits are transferred countries with light taxation.


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