Permanent Resident In Singapore

Permanent Resident In Singapore: Benefits And Advantages

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The standards of living in Singapore captivates a lot of people. Even though it is pricey, people still see Singapore as a great place where you can live and have work. It is also known to be a city-state that is genial to expatriates. The country has policies that let foreigners feel comfortable to live in the city. Singapore boasts of its stable political environment, low crime rates, and little corruption. It is also well-known for its world-class education system and pleasant climate. Transportation, health care, housing, and availability of goods are all great in Singapore. Even banking, taxes, and entertainment are in good condition.

Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status is available for some people. Those who are current work pass holders and have worked in Singapore for at least six months can apply. Getting PR in Singapore will give you a lot of benefits, and you will enjoy the rights granted to full citizens. Most people who have not been to Singapore may ask, “Is living in Singapore worth it?” Read on and decide for yourself.

Immigration stability

One of the major perks of getting PR in Singapore is the offer of stable immigration status. The permanent resident of Singapore can enjoy a lot. He or she has most of the authority, rights, and freedom as the citizens of the country. It is also suitable for the dependents and spouse of the citizen or permanent resident. Through Long Term Visit Pass or LTVP, they can also enjoy the stability of residency.

Permanent Resident In Singapore

Traveling simplified

Singapore passport holders have visa-free access to some countries. That allows them to travel around with no worries. Citizens or permanent residents are holders of Singapore Passport. It lets them enjoy high levels of freedom of flying.

Sponsoring family members

A permanent resident of Singapore who is of legal age can sponsor his or her family. He or she can have his or her immediate family members apply for LTVP or permanent residency. It will allow the family member a smooth migration to Singapore. It is not as easy as that, though. Some factors will affect the approval of the application. These include the finances of the family member, career, goal, and a lot more.

Employment rewards

A lot of things become more comfortable once you have a permanent residency in Singapore. These include self-employment, starting your business venture, and working for Singapore companies. Earning through lucrative business and corporate profiles can also be possible. Most companies prefer those with PR to avoid investing more to get necessary papers. They do not want to spend on work permits and sanction letters if they can steer clear of it.

Lower medical expenses

Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore enjoy health and medical benefits. They can avail of these at subsidized rates.

Retirement in Singapore

There is no retirement visa in Singapore. They do not offer an option for that. But, a permanent resident has the rights to live off their retirement years in the country.

You can use the iEnquiry eService to check the status or outcome of your Permanent Residence. A permanent resident of Singapore can also apply for Singapore citizenship. That is if he or she has been residing in the country for two years.


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