IBM i hosting business

What does IBM stand for? How is it related to i cloud hosting?

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IBM is an abbreviation for International Business Machines which is proven as a most secure and reliable environment to install and execute an application using a hosting operation system that is best known as IBM i hosting to solve client problems that involve cloud hosting with IBM i support and custom managed services. If you are looking for secure IBM i Cloud Hosting to enhance your business application then you should check the website of Cloud400 who are managed service provider and expertise to offer i Cloud Hosting very easy as they are truly flexible and affordable to approach for even critical business applications.

IBM i hosting business

Why choose IBM experts for i hosting?

  1. As said earlier IBM is Premier managed service provider that is secure and reliable Power speciality business partner who is into this business application for offering best services over 20 years. Cloud400 eases their clients i hosting because it is SOC 1 SSAE certified which makes it safe, reliable and redundancy to host the servers in a tier III data centre that is connected with four fibre loops through the internet.
  2. IBM i Cloud experts have singular focus and experience which eases the complexity of hosting business critical IBM i applications to assess with setup processes for streamlining on board to perform testing and go live.
  3. However, it is not necessary that you sign a long term commitment, avail their flexibility of 3 months to yearlong contract whichever is feasible for you to ease your application on a platform that is ideal for interim IBM i hosting.
  4. Cloud400 having more than 86 servers is truly affordable as it is less expensive than any other IBM on-premise server that offers cloud hosting solutions without affecting your overall performance.
  5. You can avail the best services of IBM technology for any future projects hosting, backup, connectivity on the cloud that is easy to use and integrate for IBM i cloud hosting, that is truly flexible and affordable without the need of long commitment and gain best results via Cloud400 experts.
  6. Access their world-class professional services that suit your business which is highly beneficial to maintain and enhance your current software for the growth of your organisation. Because they are functional with the latest kind of IBM Power servers and storage which makes your hosting process ease as your business grows.
  7. If you are looking for the same kind of supporting platform, then you should make a phone call to them to access their free cloud assessment that offers you 60 day free trial period that offers you legacy for your critical business applications with full flexibility to perform the tasks in future.


Ease the task of getting expertise level support from Cloud400 who are into the business of offering better solutions to IBM i, iSeries, AS400 server, hosting, backup, cloud computing and disaster recovery very easily, that is safe. It lowers the cost of their various services and products that are the best solution for your problem and offers your guarantee outcome to meet your IT needs in an innovative and experts way. Stay connected with them to make your work better and enhance your business to stay ahead of your competitors.


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