distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)

Should Oil and Gas Companies Invest In Distributed Acoustic Sensing Technology

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Distributed acoustic sensing is simply a technology that entails the use of optoelectronic instruments to measure acoustic interactions on fiber optic sensing cable lengthwise. This technology offers a continuous temperature outline on the sensing cable length rather than the discrete sensing points. Distributed acoustic sensing has become one of the most popular technologies among oil and gas companies globally. Not all gas and oil companies are aware of this technology so the adoption levels aren’t optimal.

Reshaping the Industry

The use of the Internet of Things technology in the oil and gas industry is reshaping the industry in a great deal.  As gas and oil company operators are adopting the use of this technology, it’s becoming easier for them to handle industrial computing applications, cloud services, and communication networks.  While the adoption levels are still low, the industry has witnessed a swift transformation. As the industry gets reshaped, the era of the costly oil production is becoming an old story and oil and gas prices are reducing significantly.

Offers Better Data Insights

Gas and oil companies have to deal with big data and information handling on a regular basis.  Handling such big data and information manually as it used to be in the 80s has proven erroneous and unreliable. The introduction of distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems is enabling most gas and oil companies to get better insights into the condition of their assets.  By combing this technology with others like AI and cloud computing, it’s becoming easier for companies to maximize efficiency and minimize downtimes all through their operations.

distributed acoustic sensing (DAS)

Higher Profit Margins

As of the Internet of Things technologies, the acoustic sensing technology is doing quite well in the oil and gas industry. It’s by now the most effective technology that is helping companies in the oil and gas industry to operate at lower rates and increase the profit margins.  As gas and oil producers invest in digital technologies like the fiber optic sensing systems, they are making their operations smoother with lower operation costs, boosted production, and improved performance efficiencies. It’s no doubt the duty of every oil and gas company that wants to enjoy an upturn and increase their production and profits to invest in these high-end technologies.


We are living in the era of digital and technological advancements. Every company and business is reaping big from the implementation of the right technologies and installation of the most effective tech-rich systems. One of the most advanced technologies that has seen the improvement of the operations, efficiency, and reduction of the production costs of oil and gas companies are distributed acoustic sensing. This technology is not yet to gain optimum popularity and usage in the gas and oil industry but its efficiencies and strengths are unmatched.


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