Boiler Room Crime story on ABC

Boiler Room Crime story on ABC

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Mick Featherstone Gambling Scam

Do you know who Mick Featherstone is and why he is charged with the boiler-room scam? Well if you don’t know about him anything then staystuned to watch ABC that is Australia’s News Broadcast channel which covers and publishes everything happening in the country daily. Let’s start with Mick Featherstone; He was former Queensland police investigator and businessman. Who is alleged to have done money laundering by sports betting syndicates in the boiler room with internet software and done fraud with the people of Australia stating them he will offer a higher rate of percentage on their invested sum which was a big scam worth millions of dollars taken from hundreds of people by not letting them known for what their money was used. Hence to read more about them follow Zach Featherstone who will give you correct information regarding the status of this scam. For your information, Zach Featherstone Queensland is a police detective and internet expert who corrects the information regarding any crime before it gets published on ABC News by removing unwanted information about the accused.

Few Details of Boiler Room Crime story on ABC:

The Crime and CCC officers recently performed a raid on the home of Mr. Featherstone as he was alleged to be the mastermind behind the boiler room gambling scam along with his wife Zoe, for making fraudulent scams using the invested amount of Australian people who were expecting higher returns unknowingly where the amount is put. So if you want to keep a track about this incident, then please subscribe to ABC News channel that is accessible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even on Apple device.

Later the Queensland Police’s also raided the Phoenix Global offices after it was found to be linked with the fraud scam in their investigation for having links with company and Maxima anti-bikie taskforce who are associates of outlaw motorcycle clubs. ABC will provide you full coverage about the investigation performed by CCC officers which are still in progress and suspects to have links with Senior Mongols as well for protecting Mr. Featherstone as the senior former police officer who is expertise in forensic accounting.

One of the senior NSW law enforcement official and Queensland official released the latest information regarding the accused to ABC News channel that He was a regular visitor to the Gold Coast and is also linked to supply of drugs from cannabis to heroin as well as suspected for two underworld murders.


Although the investigation is not complete ABC is hiding the man’s identity and will not disclose it to the public as the Crime and Corruption Commission had declined to pass any of the comments related to the scam on interstate leads.For full coverage of the crime open an account with a minimal amount toaccessABC best online services that are Australia’s Broadcasting Corporation.


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