An In-depth Knowledge about Hurricane Windows

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If you are a resident of Miami, going by the experience you should always be prepared to face the worst weather condition. So, installation of hurricane-resistant windows would be one of the smart moves to take in this regard. Anticipating the worst and installing hurricane casement windows can keep the walls of your home dry, prevent leaks and also keep away mildew and mold. These hurricane-resistant windows also known as impact windows not only avert glass breakage but they can also withstand the strong water force and typical stripping of the weather. Unlike standard windows, these windows can withstand the incredible pressure that makes them extremely safe. They can resist winds up to a speed of 390 miles/hour. They are also tested against flying missiles.

The different types

The different types of hurricane windows are as follows:

  • Casement impact window- These casement windows features a rotating handle that lets you operate it effortlessly. They are available in a variety of design with multiple glazing options.
  • Fixed impact window- This fixed impact window comes in a variety of shapes and has a wide range of applications. They let in bright light.
  • Project out impact window – It is a thermally broken impact window made of insulated laminated glass. It is available in three types awning, casement, and fixed configurations.
  • Single hung impact window- This single hung impact window easily adapts to any design specification, satisfying the demand of most of the construction and architectural standards and ensures security, durability and strength.
  • Sliding impact window- This horizontal sliding impact window provides a smooth and secure operating system that allows in maximum ventilation. Even this can be used on a variety of applications.

Helps reduce your bills

When it comes to lowering bills and policy amounts, impact windows are the best choice. These thick glass windows are made of multiple layers of pressed glass which is highly effective in retaining the warm or fresh air inside your home and preventing any outside air from entering. This proves to be highly effective in reducing the electricity bills.

When it comes to insurance premiums, insurance companies always look forward upon clients whose damage cost due to hurricanes can be mitigated. If you have installed impact windows, it can lead to a significant discount on your insurance policy, especially in a hurricane-prone area like Miami or other regions of South Florida.

The installation

Just like the selection process, the installation part of the hurricane windows is vital as well. This is one of the prime reasons why you should get your impact windows from a reputed brand who will not only provide you with a quality product but ensure that the product is well-installed too. Their highly-trained technicians know every trick of installing the impact window with ultimate perfection. These professional crew members will also guide you as to which the right time of the year would be to install such impact windows. They not only install, but also test them in front of the customers and guide them on how to operate with ease. Providing ultimate protection to you, your loved ones and your property is their chief objective.


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