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Connecticut has among the toughest and heaviest penalties for drinking under the age of 21 years. It also stands out as one of the world’s cities with the most reports of people being caught carrying counterfeit identification cards. Based on a study done by Why Buy Connecticut Fake ID From FakeYourID a renowned vendor and manufacturer of fake ID cards, in every 10 fake ID orders, 3 are from Connecticut residents. If you happen to be Connecticut State resident and would want to get a high-quality scannable license and Connecticut fake ID cards, you will reap greatly when you buy Connecticut fake ID card from Why Buy Connecticut Fake ID From FakeYourID.

We Offer Two Templates For The Connecticut State

As at the moment, Why Buy Connecticut Fake ID From FakeYourID offers two main ID templates. There is the new DMV Connecticut new and Connecticut old templates. If you would want to get your ID featuring the old design, you have to select Connecticut-Old to get a high-quality scannable ID card. If you want to get your ID featuring the new design, you have to select Connecticut-NEW to get premium-quality ID card featuring the new design template that was initiated in 2017.

Our Connecticut-new IDs Include These High-Quality Features

If you opt for the Connecticut-New Id, you will get a premium ID card with iconic figures, invisible Connecticut printed in Italian font replicates, replication of plane and whale background symbols bordered with UV light glow, ghost image illustration of your photo, ID and 2D barcodes containing your details at the back and yellow start imitation to ensure the card complies with the real ID act. The card will also include other high-quality features such as small visible whale featured on the ghost image photo just below the flashlight and a small-sized heart symbol ideal for organ donation designation. This card will be valid for a period of 4 to 5 years.

Our Connecticut-Old IDs Include These Amazing Features

The Connecticut-Old ID is designed such that it will show an Oak tree when placed black light. The id is printed on premium material that is created of PVC something which makes it bendable. It features the Connecticut state outline in UV ink at the back end. All the personal details like your names, birth date,and lighthouses are printed in UV ink. As well, the ID includes 2-dimensional barcodes at the back end of the card. This type of ID card has the longer lifespan since it can last for a period of 5 to 6 years.

Why You Should Buy Connecticut Fake Id From Us

If you are thinking of buying Connecticut fake id, choosing to order it from Why Buy Connecticut Fake ID From FakeYourID will benefit you in multiple ways. First, we are renowned fake your Id vendor and manufacturer with many years of experience. We are highly reputed since we always dedicate to provide premium customer services that meet and exceed the special needs of each of our customers. Our pricing may not be the lowest in the market but we make sure that we always give you value for money by providing quality products and services that meet and exceed your personal preferences and expectations.


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