Free Employee Time Clock

What is the best employee monitoring and productivity tool?

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Monitoring your team can have some pretty profound effects on their productivity. They say that a watched pot never boils. Well, there can be times where an unwatched employee doesn’t work. Developing your team to work effectively and drive the business forward is a combination of inspiring them to great things, while monitoring the outputs of their work. We need to be on top of what every employee does to provide the support, guidance and structure that lets them flourish.

And that’s where time clocks or employee tracking software comes in incredibly useful. SINC – Free Employee Time Clock is the best of these on the market. It is a slick interface that your team will love, while providing you with the information that helps you track what is going on in your team. Knowing the hours that your team are putting in is the first step towards understanding how to help them achieve more in your business. This isn’t a one-way street. Tracking your employees isn’t about keeping them in check. It is about providing the support that can help them to achieve their goals as well as yours.

Free Employee Time Clock

Employees actually love the fact that they are now more accountable and really appreciate the transparency between employer and employee when it comes to how many hours they have worked that pay period. You see, in the past, unscrupulous employers would eagerly shave hours from unknowing staff members paychecks and because all the data was kept behind closed doors in the manager’s office, there was no real way of standing up for themselves. Transparency has been part of the core beliefs of both SINC co-founders Sam Dolbel and Sam Matthews who firmly believe in fairness in the workplace after seeing first hand how easy some software developers make it for bad actor employers to cheat their staff.

Use the information delivered by SINC to have those great conversations in your business that take things to the next level. If you know the effort that each employee is putting in, then you can start to build the skills around this that improve productivity. SINC is the ultimate productivity tool in this respect because it delivers you the data to build a picture f your team as well as prompting the human relations conversations that help you develop the team in all the right areas. Plus, it is all backed up, so you have the information you need at any point in the future, such as for disputes or complaints.



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