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Online trading has become very popular not only for the wealthy but average people. The stock market was purposed for successful, wealthy people in the 1900s. You didn’t see people that weren’t rich involved in the stock market, and everything was going just fine. Although, the stock market is accessible just about anyone with money it is still a place that is to be taken seriously and respected at all times. It is vital that people do all that they can to protect themselves when they are involved in the stock market. Fraud is more common than it has ever been in the stock market. Becoming a victim is not as hard as it once was.

In the 1900s it was not common for an average person to own stock. Only people that were rich owned stock. Knowing that the average person should not hold stock saved Joseph Kenned money. He knew a shoeshine boy that owned stock. He immediately sold his stock once he found that out. He sold his stock the day before the stock market began to crash. The day before the stock market crash is known as Black Thursday. In 1929 Joseph Kennedy saved himself from losing money and suffering like the people that did not sell their stock before the stock market crashed and the Great Depression started. Joseph Kennedy’s realization saved him in the 1920’s, but it would not be able to save him today. There is a significant number of people that are not rich that are involved in the stock market.


If you have access to technology, you can be involved in the stock market. You don’t have to be rich. As long as you have money you can participate. People that buy shares from companies are known as shareholders. They are owners of a small portion of the company that they choose to invest in. The amount of money it cost a person to buy stock depends on the company they are buying into and the economic situation. When a person buys stock, they are either buying into a company that does income stock or growth stocks. Income stocks when a company takes a portion of the profit and gives it to the company’s shareholders. Growth stocks are when a company takes the profit and uses it to develop their company. Whether the profit is used as a growth stock or income stock is dependent upon the company.

The exchanges that take place in the stock market can be bought or sold using a broker. Most people utilize a broker because they are licensed to trade stock. They know what they are doing, so a potential shareholder is protected from fraud. Stocks that are sold or bought online are done by an online broker tradesprime. There is a big difference between using an online broker and a human broker. A human can help you make the right decision when buying stock. An online broker just allows you to make the choice that you want without a consultation. There are companies that have brokers available to people looking to buy stock. There are brokers according to the services that a person needs.

Exchanges can be placed with a buyer or seller through a person or electronic device. The most well-known stock exchanges are The New York Stock Exchange, the NASDAQ, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Stock exchanges are compiled in a list made by the Worldwide Stock Exchanges. The only exchanges that are not included in the list that the Worldwide Stock Exchanges has are over-the-counter stocks.


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