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LABEC or Laboratory Equipment is Australia’s leading producer and distributor of Scientific, Medical and Research equipment. The company is located in Marrickville. Since 1945, LABEC has been a part of the Australian marketplace. Until today, they are still the number one company in this industry.

            SETTING UP A NEW LABORATORY? Then you know where to look for world-class laboratory products. The company was able to develop a range of different products that will be perfect for applications where temperature, as well as atmosphere control, are very important. LABEC produces the highest quality of products and never fails on rapid delivery of finished products and spare parts.

Laboratory Equipment Products

            LABEC products are what the clients favor because of its quality. They have different products that you would need for your new laboratory. They have autoclaves and incubators, as well as freezers and fridges. They can even provide you with customized purpose equipment. Everything that you need when it comes to Scientific, Medical and Research equipment is in one place.

LABEC Offered Services

            As mentioned above, LABEC has everything that you need. If you need repairs, the company have a network of repairers all around Australia. Or maybe you will need an instruction manual for your controller, you can visit the LABEC website and everything that you need is laid-out for you.


            LABEC offers their customers a full range of servicing on their products. This may include calibration services, they can also provide you with spare parts for LABEC, Qualtex and also Gallenkamp Equipments. If your equipment is outdated, have it modified for it to be able to meet the new requirements. They also offer onsite assessments on any equipment that needs to be replaced.

The LABEC Website

            LABEC has all of the important information that you need just one website. Even some of their services are readily available for you to access online like their instruction manuals. If you are requesting a service or a warranty repair, you can submit a request online. Here, you would also be able to request for calibration service and also for any technical help. You can also find here their contact information if you wish to talk to one of LABEC staff.

Why Choose LABEC?

             SETTING UP A NEW LABORATORY? If you cannot find the equipment that you need in their online catalog, just contact them and they can help you with your concern. Every problem has a solution. If you will need a professional advice, or maybe you are looking to design something new, or you might just want to ask some questions about the company’s product selection, visit the website or call the customer service hotline.

            Many companies may be able to offer you laboratory equipment. However, you should not settle for anything less. You should get the best out of these options, and that would be LABEC. Their quality is superb. This is why the company has lasted for this long because of the type of equipment and services that they give to their customers.


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