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If you see the words “Free VPN” you must ask yourself “why are they free? The answer may shock you.

VPNs have become essential in a day and age where there are country-specific sites and applications. They require a lot of technological development and expensive rentals to secure good lines. Information technology also takes a lot of brain power and many hours of work. Therefore you need skilled labor, and a lot of it at that, to produce new technology. This is why VPN’s are sometimes so expensive. Therefore I ask again, why are they free?

A lot of the time a free VPN will pop up that serves no purpose but to steal information from people. This is the trap that you fall into when you use only free VPN’s. Instead of making honest money by providing a valuable service in exchange for subscription fees, they provide the service for free. This all seems well and dandy until you realize that you’ve been infected with malware, bombarded with advert after advert and been cleaned out in your bank account.

Before you use something on the internet, like a VPN, it is best to understand what you are actually doing. You are basically using their servers and protocols to browse the web. Therefore they have access to your browsing history and can see sensitive information that you enter online (even if it was data hidden by asterisks like a password entry).

That will result in them always having access to all the information you run through their servers. Imagine how many times you use the same password, for example, and if you access the internet through a VPN then they can see your passwords.This is especially true if you plan to purchase anything online where they require your bank or credit card details because your VPN can see that information.

It is not all bad news when it comes to free VPNs. If you need them temporarily and you aren’t entering any important details (for instance you want to watch Netflix US) then a free VPN is good to use. It will probably contribute to adware but if you don’t mind this then it is perfect.

You don’t necessarily have to end up paying a fortune for a proper VPN. The paid VPN’s all have options to pay for a year or two in advance and you end up saving a lot monthly. Also, some VPN’s, like Cyber Ghost, allow you to login with more than one user at the same time. This means that you can split the costs between friends.

The paid VPNs have their own specific pros and cons as well so it is worth researching if you are interested in purchasing them. There are ones that exist for specific purposes like watching Netflix and others that have a bit of everything.

Seethe website for tons of reviews on VPN’s as well as advice on using them. Remember to stay up to date with VPN’s to ensure you are getting the most out of your service.


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