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Classification of Distinct Types of Trophies & Awards

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In case, you are looking for trophies, one significant step is to gain a few insights about its classification. Regardless of whether you intend to give out trophies and awards for a pageant or a sports competition, or recognition awards for your organization’s corporate occasion, it is a good thing to know your decisions well.

Notwithstanding, the feature of the up to date trophies and awards, they are available in various shapes as well as materials. Basic materials utilized are glass, crystal, wood, metal or steel, marble and acrylic. You can match up the ceremonial the awards are for by picking the correct material. Every classification has its own magnificence to boast about.

Having said that, the most ideal way you can categorize trophies and awards will be as per the material used.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is outstanding amongst other materials there is. It is a glassy thermoplastic which can be formed to different structures and shapes. Having an incredible transparency rate, it is usually replaced with for glass. That is the reason Acrylic Awards are extraordinary to give as monthly employee recognition. It conveys style without harming your organization’s budget. Choose this type of award material if you are looking for affordability, class, and durability.

trophies and awards

Glass Awards

They say that despite the fact that there are the affordable acrylic awards, nothing can match the excellence of Glass Awards. Trophies and awards made of glass are a work of art. They never leave style since they can be created into various shapes and structures. Most organizations lean toward business awards and business plaques of glass since it looks basic, yet modern.  Lettering on glass honours should be possible by engraving or basically imprinting on it. They are reasonably priced yet are absolutely elegant.

Crystal Awards

Crystal Awards is another well known classification of trophies. It became famous due to the pure excellence it holds. Like glass awards, crystal awards come in several different forms. Crystal are cut by laser or made by hand. They can be imprinted on and engraved also. Business plaques are at their finest when made by crystal material.

Marble Awards

In the event that you are searching for something that gives a great impression, Marble Awards are great. They can be extremely popular since most award companies provide either a single solid colour or blends of a few shades. Durability is likewise not your concern since marble is naturally strong. The letters and depictions can be engraved. It is ideal for renowned award ceremonies.

Since numerous award and trophy companies are providing “made to order” alternatives, there can be more sorts of awards out there in the market. However, these four classifications can enable you to prepare to choose what’s best for your occasion.


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