Bridgeworks Coworking Spaces

Bridgeworks Coworking Spaces

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Bridgeworks is a venture that has built various Coworking spaces across the globe. It has very exquisite offices and suites with many facilities as well.It can accommodate numerous people in the Coworking space, this includes lounge areas, modern workspaces, private offices, and the conference rooms.

The motto of Bridgeworks is to promote and render coworking ambiance provided with all the amenities only professional full time employees would dream of.

The company provides phone and mail services, high-speed internet access, kitchen along with coffee vendor and beer tap, private phone booths, entertainment room, movie place, and space to store surfboards and park vehicles.

These coworking spaces are set up at hassle-free commute places to help people to reach the locations peacefully. It hosts social events and networks that all members enrolled here can schedule and have access to.Bridgeworks have a different kind of spaces for different kinds of people, i.e., depending upon the variations in the number of people.


Set your meetings and presentations near your home with the official ambiance

If you’re looking for the places where you wish to give your presentations or set meetings with your clients, our place and spaces are great solutionsfor conference rooms as they are located typically at long beach. Working at traditional offices every day of every week where you have no other services than a cubicle and a couple game rooms obviously gives a kind of tedious feeling.

Here, at our working spaces, you can work by savoring the beauty of beaches, listening to the rhythms of the waves, lovely scenes of the white sand by sitting at your desk in the chilled shade.

All the working desks, cubicles, or the offices are at affordable rare, rent payable by month to month.  You may occupy choice of your offices as long as you need.

However, you can hire the offices for hours, days, and weeks as well.

Getting the membership at Bridgeworks provides you incalculable facilities along with your office space. The membership facilities comprise of:

  • 24/7 access to the Bridgeworks facilities
  • Private phone booths
  • Projectors
  • Beautiful workspaces and lounges
  • Telephone and mail services
  • Gaming area
  • Onsite parking
  • Bike racks for all the staff
  • Café bar
  • Movie chamber
  • Lunches and beer caterings at the request
  • 24/7 cleansing staff
  • Conference rooms

While all the above general facilities, the inside facilities of the office include:

  • Speed Wi-Fi internet
  • Comfortable working desks and couches
  • Free printers
  • Coffee vending machine
  • 24/7 uncut power supply

You can learn more about facilities and offers here at  here you can check on the Coworking membership events, or conference room prices. Once you rent the Bridgeworks office space you never regret the money that you spent on it.


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