The Best Self-Storage in London

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Self-storage is something that is becoming increasingly in demand across the UK. Often used by business to store excess stock, the service now is very much used by domestic users and individuals to keep unneeded items safe for a set period of time.

Students have always been one of the main customers within the domestic arena of self-storage. There are numerous universities across London and thousands of students will be needing somewhere to safely store personal belongings during periods like the summer holidays or on gap years.

Families moving home often find they need the services of a self-storage facility. Usually when the old home is sold and the new premises are not ready to move into, self-storage needs to address this.

City Store provides self-storage in the Camden area of London and is conveniently located very close to the bustling Camden Market retail centre. Retailers from these numerous market stalls and shops will often buy up in bulk (as it can be substantially cheaper) and the excess can easily be stored underneath the counter within the market stall.

Having a self-storage facility at City Store is very handy for the needs of traders at this world-famous bustling market. Self-storage units can be purchased for around a month and then renewed if necessary.

What Are the Kind of Things Domestic Customers Lock Away Safely and Securely in Self-Storage in Camden?

Everything from winter clothing (throughout the summer months), sports equipment, gym benches, houses that need decluttering and garden tools over the winter months. The winter also sees a lot of summer garden furniture like barbeques, outside patio tables, lawnmowers, kids’ trampolines, bicycles, large children’s’ toys, paddling pools and tents.

It is pretty much all the stuff that you might see in the summer garden but not in the winter one. Most people have small outhouses or sheds which would be crammed to bursting point if all the summer kit was stored within.

There are several advantages to using self-storage in Camden, London: all items are safe and secure with individual rooms for each customer, and not just some corner in a large roped off area in a warehouse.

Access to your storage is available without limit and bereft of charge. The opening hours are long and can be accessed until 6.00 p.m. every weeknight. CCTV cameras and security keep everything covered and monitored around the clock.


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