Should I Use a VPN When Watching Movies on Streaming Sites?

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Most people will know that VPN is absolutely paramount if you are downloading torrent files of movies from sites like BitTorrent but is this the same if you are just watching content from streaming sites?

We are not talking about Netflix and all the other legit streaming sites you will see online but actually those movie sites that are illegally streaming movies and television shows. Whether this is zone telechargement in France, or more global websites such as Putlocker or 123Movies, when you watch content here, you are watching content that they have no right to show.

So Should You Use a VPN?

Most authorities will be spending most of their time going for the people that are actively distributing or sharing these movies but this does not mean that you will always be in the clear. Look at torrents as an example, while they have shut down many torrenting sites over the years, they are still issuing warnings and fines to users that are caught downloading them.

All governments have to do is demand that the ISPs in the country flag up users that are downloading from these sites. Users then get sent these warnings which is why many will always use a VPN when downloading torrents now.

It would not be difficult for governments and ISPs to find out that you are watching illegal movies from streaming sites either, so yes we do suggest using a VPN if you are watching on zone de telechargement or any of the other sites.

Admittedly, the governments will be more interested in just doing their best to shut these sites down or block them via the ISPs but you can never be too careful. Different countries will also have different ways of going about it – so it is better to be safe than sorry.

How Secure Are VPNs?

You have to make sure that you choose a reliable VPN. Just because a company says that they supply a virtual private connection does not actually mean that they practice this. Some companies have been known just to fake the connection is encrypted and others you may find the servers are not in the locations they say they are.

On top of this, some constantly drop the tunnel because their servers are unstable, which ultimately reveals your session until the tunnel is reestablished. Most of the time, if you are not using a kill switch, you will be blissfully unaware this happening – something the VPN company hopes you will not spot.

Conversely, if you do your research and find a VPN with decent VPN software, then you will have the stable and secure connection you are looking for. Make sure that you go with a reputable company and sign up for a site that reviews the VPN companies. The VPN review websites have a reputation to keep, so they will give you an honest review of the best VPN company to use. Once you are sure which VPN software you want to buy into, then sign up via the VPN review site. This way you should be able to get support from both their site and the VPN software provider.


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